Dave Strader is one of the top hockey play by play men in the country and has been a welcome addition to the NHL coverage on Versus.  He was great for the most part in last night’s OT thriller between the Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens.  However, Strader wasn’t at his best after Nathan Horton scored the game-winner for Boston in the second overtime period.  Strader’s call of the goal was fine, but it was afterwards where he may have slapped his own forehead.  Check out the video below from Huffington Post…

“And the Canadiens now lead it 3 games to 2.”  

D’Oh!  Now, Huff Post probably goes too far calling it a HUGE embarrassment and doesn’t even list Strader as the pbp guy in the article.  Is it embarrassing and a boneheaded move?  Yes.  But did 99.9% of people watching know Strader meant to say “Bruins” instead of Canadiens?  Probably.  It would be a much worse error if Strader’s actual call of the goal was for the wrong team, but a simple misspeak afterwards doesn’t bother me as much.  It’s not like he screamed, LINE DRIVE… BASE HIT…. caught, out there!  Now that would just be silly.

[H/T Huffington Post]