With Opening Day upon us it’s the perfect time for another edition of Create the Caption!  Last time out we featured Rick Pitino and the Louisville Cardinal wallowing in defeat at the hands of Morehead State.  cbweatherman was the winner with, “Mascot: You know that little chicken over there?  It’s your son.  Pitino: How could this happen again?!?”  Thanks for participating!  Of course for MLB’s Opening Day, we have to go to the NBA for our CtC and this hilarious image from Ball Don’t Lie of 6’4″ John Wall trying to fight 7’3″ Zydrunas Ilgauskas.  Can you create the caption?

Far From Awful Links 

Since it is Opening Day, you simply have to check out this awesome article at GuysGirl.  Bloguin’s reigning blogger of the year Blythe Brumleve has matched up every MLB team with a character from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  I know we were all mega fans 20 years ago!  Some random dude contributed as well.  [GuysGirl]

Josh Elliott has graduated from SportsCenter to Good Morning America to be a news reader at ABC.  Of the countless SportsCenter anchors, I thought Elliott was in the top handful as he mixed news and humor very well without overbearing schtick.  He’ll be missed at the leader.  [ABC

Earlier this week, we showed you all the hate that Jay Bilas and others lobbed towards VCU before the tourney began.  We all know who gets the last laugh, especially with this shirt.  [Twitter

The new ESPN PR blog launched.  Meh.  [ESPN Front Row

As an alum of a D-III school, the story of the kid getting in the college slam dunk contest is kinda cool.  [Deadspin

Speaking of D-III athletics, the longest national championship streak of all-time was broken last weekend.  Kenyon College men’s swimming had won 31 consecutive national championships.  They were defeated by North Coast Athletic Conference rival Denison at the national meet in Nashville by 1 point, 500.5 – 499.5.  Being an Ohio Wesleyan grad, I’ve got the chance to announce the last two NCAC swim meets and see these teams battle in person.  This is definitely a story worthy of national attention.  [NCAA]   

Finally, Wrestlemania is right around the corner.  Here’s a preview.  Please make John Cena lose.  [Camel Clutch Blog

Also, make sure to check AA tomorrow for a very special Q&A with one of the most popular broadcasters in sports.  I’ll give you a hint – vegetables may be involved.

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