Colin Cowherd Is An Arithmetical Genius… Not

The following picture is why I stay away from predicting season records for every team in a sport.  Unless you come out to the exact right win-loss total… you end up looking like a dope.  Enter a man who has his Master's degree in that field – Colin Cowherd.  You see, Cowherd took his intellectually elite and pristine brain, which will one day be reserved for scientific marvel, to prognosticating the upcoming NFL season.  What a waste of a rare gift to mankind.  The only problem is that Cowherd's predictions are as mathematically improbable as finding the last digit of pi.  Observe…

For those of you that enjoy addition, you found that those numbers add up to 268-244, as pointed out by Dan Steinberg at DC Sports Bog.  Since each of the NFL's 32 teams play 16 games, that's 512 possible results.  With a winner and loser in each (who predicts ties?), the league will go a collective 256-256.  That… is… fact.  Unless you count the Eagles of course, who will win 39 games this year.  

***Update: Brady sacrificed for all of us and listened to the corresponding Cowherd audio link that makes this gaffe even more delightful.  Here's Cowherd on the legitimacy of his predictions…

"There's some things I really get into and I like predicting the record of every NFL team.  I go over every schedule in the league.  And, unlike everybody else, I actually believe you can predict things… it's not that impossible, especially this year, to predict where teams are going to end up."

Yea, about that…

[H/T Dan Steinberg]

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