Joe Paterno is out at Penn State.  President Spanier is gone.  We’ve seen one of the most bizarre, maddening press conferences in the history of the microphone.  CNN is currently on the ground in State College with the university on the verge of mass riots.  It’s the culmination of perhaps the most disturbing story ever associated with college athletics.  But the truth is this story is about much more than Joe Paterno or football.  This story is about a monster that used a charity and his position to rape and abuse young children and the failures of everyone involved along the way to not put an end to it sooner.  It’s a heartbreaking story, a maddening scene tonight, and one that will still be evolving as the days go on.

CNN has expertly covered the live distressing scene in Happy Valley, but allow the following video to add a brief moment of levity to the seriousness of tonight.  CNN anchor Isha Sesay asks a guest, “Do you know when the next college football game with the Nitt-a-ny Lions is to take place?”

Penn State hosts Nebraska Saturday at Noon on ESPN.

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