Chris Singleton Couldn’t Resist Making Miley Cyrus Reference On ‘Baseball Tonight’


Arizona Diamondbacks’ pitcher Wade Miley committed an error Tuesday night, and when Karl Ravech and Chris Singleton were showing highlights of it on ‘Baseball Tonight,’ Singleton couldn’t help himself — he just had to find a way to name-drop the risque 18-year-old singing daughter of Billy Ray, whose first name is the same as Wade’s surname.  I guess it was put on a tee for the 39-year-old analyst:

Karl Ravech: “Cook lays a bunt down here, and Miley … Agh. He was looking everywhere except for the ball in the glove.”

Chris Singleton: “He was Cyrus on that one. Just gotta grab it, get the sure out at first base.”

I’m not positive, but I think Singleton is implying that Miley Cyrus needs to work on her PFPs, which definitely clears up what her best friend Leslie was talking about. On a related note, I’ll never get over the Tigers Cyrus’ing the 2006 World Series…