One of the most entertaining subplots of the NBA Playoffs this year has been the ongoing feud between Charles Barkley and the fans of the Miami Heat.  This isn’t your run of the mill analyst vs team/fans feud like Jay Bilas vs VCU or Mark May vs Ohio State… no, this one is much more entertaining because Charles Barkley isn’t afraid to say he’s actually rooting against the Heat.  It started last month when Chuck called the Heat a “whiny bunch.”  It escalated when some Miami fans started heckling Barkley and throwing towels at him during the Eastern Conference Finals.  Chuck then responded with a warm, generous, double barreled salute.  After TNT moved Inside the NBA back inside American Airlines Arena, Heat fans responded with an obscene chant directed at Barkley during Game 4 of the Chicago series.  

Well, now that the TNT analyst isn’t on the air regularly and Inside the NBA is finished for the year, he can say what he really thinks.  Barkley appeared on the Waddle & Silvy Show on ESPN Radio 1000 in Chicago before embarking on a Euro Trip and unloaded on the Heat and their fans.  Here’s the video from Deadspin – highlights include his preference for picking the Washington Generals over the Heat, saying the Heat “annoys him,” calling Miami fans the worst in the country, and finally knocking the noise they produce.  This interview is why many fans love Charles Barkley.  You won’t find this opinion on the Heat Index, or on SportsCenter

Thanks to our friends at Deadspin for the video.

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