Vancouver defeated Boston on Saturday night to take a 2-0 lead in the Stanley Cup Finals on a goal by Alex Burrows, who may be more famous for his dental work than his goal scoring prowess.  Of course, with the furor over Burrows biting the hand of Patrice Bergeron in Game 1 and NOT being suspended… you had to figure that Burrows would be the hero for a Game 2 Vancouver win.  He registered 2 goals and an assist in a 3-2 win, including the OT winner 11 seconds into the period

But there was also another bite-related incident in Game 2 (what, is Mike Tyson in this series?), certainly an impressive streak for these Stanley Cup Finals.  Vancouver’s Max Lapierre decided to have some fun with all the controversy out of Game 1 by taking part in this taunt of Bergeron.  As you listen in, the Canadian CBC announcers decide to take the light-hearted, joyful, aww he’s just having fun route.  “Have a bite, come on.”

On the other hand, the NBC studio broadcast crew decided to eviscerate Lapierre for his behavior, with the spearhead being led by former Bruin Mike Milbury.  “Look at the punks out to play like Lapierre.”  The only denigration of the game was the NHL not suspending Burrows for the bite, when there was complete historical precedence to do so.  

I suppose it’s all about perspective isn’t it?  I doubt the Canadian and American broadcasts are specifically and overtly slanted towards Vancouver and Boston like some sort of local broadcast.  If that was the case, at least NBC could get commentary from Jack Edwards!  It is an interesting comparison to make though… is one broadcast right, and one wrong?  Or, is Lapierre’s actions just not that big of a deal?  By the way, I find it quite ironic for Miike Milbury to criticize anyone for their questionable, offensive behavior and denigrating the game… seeing as how he was the guy that beat up a fan with his own shoe.

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