Apparently, there are two types of British announcers.  On one hand, there’s the kind of British announcer who keeps his or her compusure and typical British air no matter the circumstances. You’ll remember from May the story of cricket commentator Edward Bevan, who managed to maintain his cool even when faced with his own impending doom.  

Then, on the other hand, there are the British announcers who consistently go absolutely, flipping crazy at the drop of the hat.  You’ve begun to see the exploits of the outlandish soccer analyst Ray Hudson in this space recently, and trust us, there’ll be plenty more where that came from as the La Liga season continues.  Another shining example of Brits losing their minds over sports can be found in the world of darts where a man named Sid Waddell has entertained/puzzled viewers for years by making a simple pub game sound as important as the Super Bowl.  

However, thanks to the fine folks at Deadspin, we’ve found some British announcers who top them all in the “foaming at the mouth” department thanks to the sport of… mountain biking?!  Well, if the Brits consider darts a major sport, I guess anything is possible.  Anyways, in the clip below you’ll find lunatic ramblings on the exploits of Danny Hart, who apparently is the Lionel Messi of riding a bike down a hill.  Watch the clip and enjoy the sheer lunacy of announcers Rob Warner and Martin Whiteley.  Who knew falling down a mountainside on a bike could be so breathtaking?  I wonder if I can convince AA to start a weekly open thread to chronicle the next mountain biking madness…