Yes, I’ll admit it, I have a soft spot in my heart for all things British when it comes to announcing. Maybe it’s the dry British wit, the dulcet tones of the British accent, or their slighly off-beat nature, but it seems no matter the sport it’s easy to find entertaining examples of British announcers.  In the past, we’ve unearthed gems like the cricket commentator who announced his impending doom and a pair of Brits who practicallly orgasmed over mountain biking.  And thanks to our pal Jimmy Traina over at SI’s Hot Clicks, we can now add this World Series clip to our expanding AA Brit portfolio.

Apparently, BBC 5 over in England has been broadcasting the World Series back to our mother courntry for several years.  Although true Brits most likely prefer baseball’s cousin cricket, it is truly entertaining to hear the take on announcing the national pasttime from across the pond.  And while Joe Buck’s finest moment ever might have been David Freese’s game-winning home run in Game 6, it’s also fun to hear this call from Simon Brotherton of the BBC.

Simon’s Wikipedia page describes his commentating style as “quirky” but I think it’s the usual British charm that comes off in this clip.  The bewilderment, the pronunciation of Card-in-als as if it were three seperate words, and the picture-perfect capturing of the moment are all traits of the best of British announcers in any sport, whether they’re native to the UK or not.  

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