Ever since LeBron decided to take his talents to South Beach, he’s been ripe for parody. There was the “Rise” commercial by Nike, that instantly made a splash for both 1. being pretty good and 2. being kind of a joke. South Park made their run at the spot, first with Cartman’s use of “the LeBron James Technique” on his mom, then with a Tony Heyward version. Countless fan- and former-fan-made parodies popped up on the YouTubes. 

But after Brett Favre quietly filed the necessary NFL retirement docs for (again), and after exposing himself to the world in 2010, the Internet has been a little off balance until yesterday. That’s the day that YouTube user Tyacenda filled the void with a high quality Favre version. Enjoy. Exhale. The world is back to normal. 

Thanks to Rafa for the tip (and not the MMS kind).