Listen To Bob Uecker’s Call Of Nyjer Morgan’s NLDS-Clinching Hit


When I think of Bob Uecker, I think of Harry Doyle. When Brewers (and most baseball) fans think of Bob Uecker, they think one of baseball’s best announcers. They’re not wrong — he’s brilliant — but ‘Major League’ introduced me to Uecker and, thus, to me he’ll forever be the guy who once inquired, “That’s all we got? One goddamn hit?”

But in real life he’s always been a legendary announcer for the Brewers (and WWF and Miller Lite commercials) and thanks to The Outside Corner, we have his awesome call of Nyjer Morgan’s one goddamn game-winning hit that propelled the Brewers into the NLCS (no Nyjer Morgan f-bombs included, unfortunately): 

Bob Ueckers call of Nyjer Morgans winning hit (mp3)

Monty, anything to add? … He’s not the best color man in the league for nothing, folks!