Baseball Commentator Announces His Impending Doom!!

Last week, we told you about a cricket commentator in Wales that was nailed by a ball that crashed into the commentary box.  Edward Bevan was definitely spooked by the entire episode.  Amazingly, a similar episode occurred stateside when a baseball smashed through a window at a Southern Illinois University Edwardsville game.  In case you were wondering, the team is 21-24 and plays in the Ohio Valley Conference.  Evidently, the university also has their own CougarNet… but many of you will likely be disappointed by the results.  Anyways, baseball announcer Joe Pott handles this ball-smashing-window situation with much more confidence and bravery than his Welsh counterpart.  He even laughs off the incident.  Maybe this act of heroism is why we won that little war all those years ago.  Cue the Jack Edwards Tea Party symphony and roll the footage!


Matt Yoder

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