This is something new I’d like to try here at AA – a roundup of some of the sports media stories that fill up the AA inbox that may not necessitate a full post, but stories that deserve a quick take.  Basically, I’ll give a headline linking to an article that addresses the story a little more in-depth with some thoughts on the headlines.  Try it out and see if you think this should become more of a regular AA feature.  Here’s what we missed this week…

*ESPN announces new ESPN blog to talk about ESPN (Sports Business Daily)

-While the headlines about ESPN launching a new sports media blog might have raised more than eyebrows in the blogosphere, this appears to be nothing more than a semi-crafty, semi-lame move by ESPN to produce what amounts to be a centralized PR website.  ESPNFrontRow will be a place where ESPN can directly answer to controversies surrounding ESPN talent (Erin Andrews/Reebok, etc.) or give special footage/access to ESPN personalities.  This new blog will be nowhere near as powerful or independent as the ombudsman in the eyes of fans, but is rather a place for ESPN to better assert ESPN’s point of view.  To me, there’s little to no impact here on blogs, sports media, or how fans view ESPN in the future, but a way for ESPN to better be able to communicate its perspective.  Only 13 ESPN references, I was hoping to get 15, darn.

*Fox extends Darrell Waltrip & Tim McCarver (Sports Media Watch)

-Some good and bad news here.  I’m sure most of the MLB fans out there won’t like to see Tim McCarver getting any air time this year, let alone for the next three, but this move to extend him to 2013 syncs up his contract with the end of Fox’s MLB contract.  So, maybe there is at least now an end in sight for baseball fans to the Buck/McCarver duo.  FYI, please someone rescue us from MLB on Fox.  As far as DW is concerned, he’s always been one of my personal favorites as an announcer and the Fox NASCAR team is one of the network’s best.  He may be too hokey for some, but Darrell Waltrip has become a NASCAR institution over the last decade.

*Soccer shakeups ( & Fang’s Bites)

-Former ESPN lead soccer announcer JP Dellacamera has left the leader after many years as its #1 soccer voice for the much less greener pastures of Fox Soccer Channel.  Sadly for JP, he was left out in the cold when ESPN went with an all-Brit lineup for the World Cup and installed Ian Darke as its top soccer voice.  I like Dellacamera, but I can’t blame ESPN for going in that direction because it was a great success for the World Cup.  Naturally, one of those Brits, Adrian Healey, moves up to JP’s spot as lead MLS announcer for ESPN.  Dellacamera instantly gives FSC a credible play by play man (something they’ve been desperately lacking), but there are other problems with the network.  The embarrassing audio lags and delays have made Champions League games, including yesterday’s Arsenal-Barcelona tilt, almost unwatchable.  How can a network that attracts hundreds of thousands of viewers have such an elemental flaw?

*Duck head thieves plead guilty (Salem Statesman Journal)

-The case surrounding the stolen Oregon Ducks mascot head of Lee Corso has been closed.  The nation can go back to living our normal lives with this long national nightmare finally over with.  No word on whether or not the Duck head was involved in any improper recruiting services while away from ESPN.

*Chicago’s Afternoon Saloon host arrested for, you guessed it… (Chicago Sun Times)

-… DUI.  How appropriate.  I’ve heard ESPN 1000’s Harry Teinowitz before on the radio and been entertained at his peculiarity, perhaps now I know the reason behind it.  The radio host has been suspended for three days and apologized for his DUI arrest.  What is it about Chicago media figures and embarrassing arrests?  (What was that one guy’s name anyways…)  A three day suspension from a radio show seems like a serious punishment… at least if you’re Miguel Cabrera.

*Finally, a must see video of a ponytailed Tom Brady dancing awkwardly (Hot Clicks)

-I’ll let this speak for itself…

Hope you enjoyed our look at some of the stories we may have missed this week.  Let us know if you’d like this to become a semi-regular AA feature.  Enjoy your Championship Week Thursday, and stay clear of those Big East officials.

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