Awesome Spanish Language Touchdown Call Puts The English Language To Shame

It’s fitting that the morning after ESPN celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month with a Deportes themed MLB telecast that we now bring you a Spanish call from the NFL.  The following audio was featured as the Call of the Day in SI’s Hot Clicks, but the credit truly goes to Sports Mashup for unearthing this awesome call.  The announcer you’ll hear is Cardinals Spanish language announcer Gabriel Trujillo and the play is Larry Fitzgerald’s 73 yard 4th quarter touchdown catch in the Cards’ game at Washington last Sunday…

Pretty cool, eh?  I especially love the elongated “Touchdown!!!” like it’s Andres Cantor or some of the great Spanish language soccer announcers.  Why can’t that type of excitement and vocal skills be translated across sports and even languages?  This kind of passion and excitement is what we’re crying out for from more announcers across sports.  How many people would rather listen to the dry stylings of Chris “bourbon on the rocks” Myers meandering his way through a broadcast sounding like William Shatner?  Anyone?…

[H/T Sports Mashup via Hot Clicks]

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