If there’s anything most of us can agree on, it’s that anyone who hires the defense attorney for Jerry Sandusky deserves to get a guilty plea.

Joe Amendola, best known for his genius move in allowing Bob Costas to interview the creepy Sandusky without his legal team present, has now managed to embarrass himself at least three times this week on national television. This left Ann Curry of the Today Show to question his competence to handle the pending Sandusky trial.

Yesterday, after Amendola waived his client’s right to a preliminary hearing, he held a press conference outside of the courthouse that lasted for THREE hours. During the presser, where he insinuated the victims were working together to gain a monetary settlement, he asked anyone who believes anything in the grand jury testimony to dial 1-800-Reality. 

1-800-Reality is a gay sex hotline. Not exactly the number you want to give out in regards to Sandusky.

After Amendola didn’t get enough time to cement his idiocy, he then went on a media tour yesterday hitting up the always polite Ann Curry of the Today Show.

Except during Ann’s interview, she looks on pathetically to Amendola and asks him straight up if he has “done his homework” and the doozy “are you competent enough to defend your client?”

Ann doesn’t insult guests too often and is always professional, but it certainly was called for when you see what Amendola has done so far to “protect” his client.

Or, Amendola could be a Saint and secretly is pretending to be a moron just so he all but guarantees Sandusky’s lifelong sentence far away from innocent children.

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