All It Takes Is One Boob Grab For Don Orsillo And Jerry Remy To Lose It

Ah, the beauty of live television.  Boston Red Sox announcers Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo are somewhat known for their tangent taking abilities and not quite following the script on the local Red Sox telecasts on NESN.  In fact, it was just a couple weeks ago that a lady with a chicken hat captivated their attention for a couple minutes.  Well, tonight’s episode was a bit more… well, risque is about the nicest way to put it.  Actually I’m surprised that this kind of thing doesn’t happen more often during sports telecasts with how many thousands of crowd shots happen during live games.  After an extended crowd shot on two couples enjoying the game in Boston, one male Red Sox fan got a little grabby with his female companion.  It’s not quite as subtle as this or as noticeable as this, but still enough to drive Don and Jerry into a Charley Steineresque breakdown.   Good times all around…

H/T to our friends at SportsGrid for the clip!

Matt Yoder

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