A Special Labor Day Screengrab Snafus

What better way to celebrate not having to go into work than a special edition of Screengrab Snafus – the one place where we pull together the funniest graphics flubs from the past week in sports.  This time, the snafus celebrate the beginning of college pig and the unofficial start of Fall with an all college football edition, where otherworldly SEC speed finally broke televisions across the south.  Either that, or I’ve been partying with Cliff Harris way too much.  With games happening all over your televisions, there were bound to be screw ups somewhere along the line (and we’re not talking about Pam Ward’s announcing either, that comes later this week) and our readers did a great job sending in all the pics below…

First, vegaskev informed us of our friend Darren Rovell noticing something interesting during Thursday night’s Wisconsin/UNLV game.  In the third quarter at a break, ESPN showed a picture of the Minneapolis skyline.  The only problem being that Minneapolis is in Minnesota and Wisconsin is in… well… Wisconsin.  Does every sporting event just use a default backdrop of the Twin Cities?


Several folks sent in the following snafu where College Gameday went back in time to a period when Tommy Tuberville was the coach at Auburn and the Tigers were getting screwed out of National Championships instead of buying them.  By the way, Tommy Tuberville coaches at Texas Tech these days, I wonder if he’s tired of Craig James’ calls too…

jroag takes us next to the Virginia Tech/Appalachain State game where I won’t tell you that I embarrassingly tipped App State to be the upset game of the week over at Crystal Ball Run.  In fairness to me, that game was a lot closer than the 66-13 final score.  With all the stats, you have to give the ACC Network folks a break if they couldn’t quite keep up.  It is a day off from work and school, but I’ll work your brain a bit and let you discover what’s wrong with the picture below…

And finally, CraigDesign brings us this snafu from Yahoo’s Sportstacular app. (Wait, that’s not a real word, that’s just a marketing ploy!)  Yahoo is certainly a growing force in the college sports world, but powerful enough to reverse the score of the South Carolina/East Carolina game?  (AND the Oregon/LSU game, thanks Andrew Schmidt!)  I thought those kind of voodoo tricks were only reserved for ESPN…

That was your Labor Day edition of Screengrab Snafus.  Next time, and especially today, be careful out there!

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