A Saturday Afternoon With Tim McCarver

Tim McCarver showed the world why he has earned his place on Awful Announcing’s Mount Rushmore on Saturday during an MLB on Fox broadcast featuring the Red Sox and the Rays.  For those of you longing for the permanent departure of Joe Buck, keep in mind that Dick Stockton joined Timmy on Saturday.  Sometimes the grass isn’t always greener… anyways, McCarver took the opportunity to put in a fine shift full of goofs and general absentmindedness.  A big shout out to our pal Timothy Burke from SportsGrid/Mocksession for putting this video together and chronicling many of McCarver’s maddening mistakes.  Here’s bubbaprog breaking down one of those particular moments of brilliance from McCarver where he tried to tackle the human anatomy…

McCarver foolishly thinks the oblique abdominal muscle just got its name “a few years ago.” Sure, if you’re counting 1702 as a few years ago. Given McCarver referred to the year 1968 as being “recent” during the same broadcast, his awareness of the passage of time is questionable, though time is a subjective concept relative to the length of your own existence and maybe Tim McCarver has been a giant sequoia all this time and nobody noticed.

At least the sequoia would be more entertaining…

H/T SportsGrid

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