This is an AA staple and I’ve been meaning to bring it back (especially since I’ve done something similar before). We’ll try to put up a new picture (with the previous day’s winners) every day. If we don’t get any captions, we’ll pretend the day before neverrr happened. If nobody ever participates, we’ll just bag the feature altogether and make it a daily links post, which isn’t as cool.

We’ll start with this pic from the AP of Brooks Conrad in his ready position at 2B, where he will not be playing tonight after making three erros last night in Game 3 and 1,434 errors over the last week.


Not Awful Links:

The New York Islanders are placing their games on a college radio station. [Mirl On Sports]

Josh Lewin will not be returning as Texas Rangers play-by-play man next season [@rangerstvjosh]

Three photos of Brett Favre feeling comfortable NOT wearing Wrangler have created quite the frenzy [Deadspin]

Lions DB Alphonso Smith does the Carlton Banks dance after a pick-six [Detroit4lyfe]

Everybody who made Tim Lincecum “Fuck Yeah” t-shirts will now have to add in “Shut up” [TBS]

Tom Brady and Randy Moss fight about hair [Guyism]

If you ever have a picture you think we should use or a link, send us an email or message on Twitter.