This video is from the SEC title game on Saturday.  In the 4th quarter of Auburn’s blowout of South Carolina, CBS sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson decided to take a drink of Cam Newton’s mystery “Cammy Cam Juice.”  What exactly is Cammy Cam Juice?  Hmm… I’m not going there.  The picture of a sideline reporter squirting something called Cammy Cam Juice into her mouth does create a lot of questions though.  I think that I had the same reaction that Cam Newton had at the end of this clip when I first saw it this weekend.  All I know is that this video is hilarious for many, many reasons…

Some classic drink slogans come to mind that could possibly apply to Cammy Cam Juice…

“Good to the last drop”
“100% Pure Squeezed Sunshine”
“The Best Part of Waking Up”
“Do The Cammy Cam”

… but I think AA can do better.  What should the slogan be for Cammy Cam Juice?

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