This post was supposed to be titled “Gaby Sanchez Goes Lex Luger on Nyjer Morgan.” There was going to be a picture of a Lex Lugor action figure and it was going to be really fun. Then we were going to enjoy watching Morgan get what he’s had coming since he started barreling into catchers last week, culminating in last night’s game against the Marlins when he separated Brett Hayes’ shoulder.

But none of that is going to happen, since the MLB is scared of people seeing their product. Now all I can do is ask, “what gives?” It seems every other business in America has realized the value of viral advertising, choosing to consider this kind of publicity as a kind of free sample for their full-fledged product rather than copyright infringement. If you’re mad at the idea that someone else might be selling ads on your content, figure out a damn way to make it yours but you’re just THROWING MONEY AWAY if you actually pay some cubicle-monkey to e-mail cease and desist letters to YouTube around the clock.  Sadly, it’s just another example of the disconnect between the Seligsaurus and the current generation of sports fans.