Surely, it can’t be this 11/20 rematch between Sergio Martinez (black trunks) and Paul Williams (green trunks). It’s like Max Kellerman and Emanuel Steward are completely blinded by their overwhelming man-crush on PW, or a little concerned about betting their paychecks on him. Both seem totally uninterested in the electrifying knockout around 1:15.

First we see replay of Martinez connecting with 2 solid lefts in Round 1. Then we see him land a few more CRUSHING overhand lefts to the crowd’s delight in the first minute of Round 2, at which point Kellerman mentions that Williams is “starting to land good. clean. shots.” Wait, what? He must have meant “eat” instead of “land.” As for Steward, he somehow had Williams winning the opening round, and then mistakes the eventual KO shot, another overhand left (around 1:10) for a right hand. He even convinces the announcer calling the KO (anyone know who it is?), the only guy who appears to be excited by/watching the fight, that he got it wrong. 

Give them credit for one thing though – Max and Manny are astute enough to point out that Paul Williams is “not getting up.” Good call. 

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