Thanks to everyone for all the submissions this week. Remember, if you’re not near a computer to submit Pammy nominees in the comments, you can always submit them via Twitter @awfulannouncing or with the hashtag #PWAA.

Here are 15 of the best submissions, in no particular order. After looking them over, it’s your turn to vote. If there’s a nominee that you feel is better than these from the chronicles, put it in the comments and that shall count as a vote. Poll will go until 1 p.m. tomorrow, at which point we’ll hand out the award and update the standings.

Look ’em over and go VOTE:

1. “Josh Jasper, the friendly ghost.” — Lee Corso (via Sctvman)

2. “Mitch Mustain to Ben Cleveland steamin in the end zone” — Chris Fowler (via CUBFLOS)

3. “I see coach Bobby Johnson and Georgia Tech sending the Wolfpack packing.” — Picabo Street, Tech’s coach is Paul Johnson. (via Sctvman)

4. “It’s a 7-0 MSU win.” — Mike Morgan in the 1st quarter.

5. “I’m not that smart.” — Mushin Muhammad (via Isaac)

6. “It’s not going to be a run play, when it’s a pass play…because of pass protection.” — Chris Spielman (via Dascenzo, ReaderM and Rich Greene)
7. “Scott Vallone on the tackle New Jerseey product from Central Islip, NY” — Pam Ward (via Aaron2hott)
8. “And of course, the late great Magic Johnson” — Mushin Muhammad talking about the Big Ten icon as if he’s dead (via Isaac)
9. “I call that the delayed QB draw.” — Andre Ware (via Sctvman)
10. “He’s wide open! … Intercepted.” — Verne Lundquist (Preacher)
11. “Shrunkenage. What difference does one inch make?” — Gary Danielson (via Rick James Bible Owner)
12. “James Rodgers feels like Big Meech. Larry Hoover. Doin’ work. And he’s a mover!”Mike Hill (via Rick James Bible Owner)
13. “when u get in the open field thats where the speed really becomes such a strong asset..” — Lou Holtz (via acoracle)
14. “Great coverage by the Boilermakers.” — Matt Shepard after a Toledo punt. (via Sctvman)
15. “This is what you call a volleyball interception.” — Glen Mason (CM/NW game)