marv albert yes

YES! This March we can look forward to expanded coverage of the expanded NCAA tournament. The NCAA tournament will now be on 4 networks (CBS, TNT, TBS and something called truTV) and it has been announced that the TNT NBA crew will be covering some of these games. I’m usually hesistant to be excited about announcers doing a sport that they will have not covered all season long, but in my opinion, the TNT studio show and the game announcers do a pretty terrific job. Hopefully this will contrast what I felt was a very dissapointing job by FOX handling the BCS and college football coverage the past couple of seasons.

If I can get Marv Albert covering a Murray State/Minnesota tournament game with Charles Barkley leading the halftime show I will be very happy. Plus, one of my favorite underrated announcers is Kevin Harlan and seeing him do the college game might lead to some epic calls if the game heads down to the wire.