On September 23rd, we broke the news that Joe Posnanski, the great columnist for Sports Illustrated and The Kansas City Star, tried out for Awful Announcing (we’re still waiting on that essay, Joe).  This week, we received another application from a big star in the sports world: Terrell Owens.  Don’t believe me?  See for yourself as TO calls out Kirk Herbstreit for criticizing the Bengals offense on a College GameDay segment:






In the segment, Herbstreit didn’t exactly offer expert analysis of the Bengals offense as much as he simply lamented their struggles as a longtime Bengals fan.  Even so, TO was not happy one bit, and he brought the heat right away on Twitter.  In fact, he spent the next 25 tweets or so replying to followers about the incident.

It’s that kind of passion that we at Awful Announcing are looking for in writers, and I give him a solid B+ for his efforts.  He astutely wonders why a college football show was talking about the NFL in the first place and even did a little bit of research on Kirk Herbstreit’s credentials.  The exclamation point usage is a little excessive though, and he needs some work on his spelling, but I still think he has a lot of potential.  If I’m being honest, when I first learned that TO sent us his application, I thought he would be a little too crazy for us at AA, but now I am thinking that he might be just the right kind of crazy we need to shake things up a bit.

So, Terrell, I’m willing to offer you the same deal as I offered Joe Posnanski because, say what you want about me personally, but I’m a great fuckin evaluator of essays on how good I am:  As your formal tryout to join Awful Announcing, go ahead and write up a no-fewer-than 1,000 word essay on why I am your favorite writer in the world and sent it to AAtips@gmail.com.  We’ll be in touch.