The NFL Network is continuing its countdown of the league’s 100 greatest players, and Deion Sanders is none too happy about his ranking (number 34).  He’s so none too happy, in fact, that he decided to confront Steve Mariucci, his NFL Network colleague, who voted on the list.  He’s so none to happy, in fact, that he decided to pour some baby powder on his hand during this NFL Network segment.  He’s so none too happy, in fact, that he decided to use his freshly powdered hand to pimp slap Mariucci on air.

It clearly takes a second for Mariucci to realize what just happened to him, but by the time he’s ready to be mad, Michael Irvin shrewdly does what we’re all taught to do when a coworker is about to flip out: plant a big, wet kiss on the coworker’s cheek.  Crisis averted.  I wouldn’t believe it either if this whole ordeal wasn’t right there on the interwebz.

Maybe in a different life Mariucci will be lucky enough to work for a timid pimp, rather than Prime Time.  See below

[NFL network video via Hot Clicks]