According to the Twitter account of the one and only Stephen A. Smith, Stephen A. will be filming a pilot for a show that may or may not air on Showtime.  The pilot will be filmed before a live studio audience on October 27th.  As alluded to on his Twitter account, Smith promises that his show will feature “Sports, news, politics, entertainment, social issues.”  This is quite a revelation considering Stephen A.’s first show, Quite Frankly with Stephen A. Smith, was an abject failure during its run on ESPN2.  While he states that it is just a pilot, the wheels are churning on what could be an entertaining, uncensored Smith or just a repeat of his daily show for ESPN2 that I am fairly certain nobody watched.

The interesting part of this whole development is that Smith alleges the show will be about more than just sports.  Since he left ESPN, Smith has been involved on other cable news networks such as CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News, trying to make a name for himself as having a “political mind.”  HOWEVER, most of the potential audience for the show will know Stephen A. for his views and association with sports.  Also, he did not have much of an audience during his initial run with Quite Frankly.  What makes him or a network think this show could work the second time through on a network not as widely available to the general public?

I personally have never been a fan of Stephen A. Smith because he ushered in the era of “if I scream louder than everyone else then that means my opinion is more important no matter how ill conceived and stupid it actually is.”  Again, the show may never get picked up and we’ll never have to discuss this topic again.  The show could also take on added significance for Smith.  Responding to a supposed outcry on Twitter, Smith said,“My man “wurdzpoet” just told me I should run for President some day. I told him if I built a big enough following, I just might go for it :).”  Quite frankly, let’s hope this show never sees the light of day.