ESPN continues its journey into the stand-up comedy world with every one of these Dr. Lou bits.  This week, Lou Holtz leads off by letting everyone know that, even in his old age, he’s still sharp as a tack (“We have a blue locker room floor!”).  Then, we get to enjoy his musings on

  • Politics (“Those same people can vote and breed, not only in the football poll, they vote in national elections!”),
  • Martin Luther King (“I have a dream”),
  • The movie industry (“They’re going to make a movie of our team, similar to Hoosiers”), and
  • Repenting (“Losers repair and repent”)

On one hand, I still can’t believe that the higher-ups at ESPN gave their stamp of approval on this idea. On the other hand, I’d much rather watch these than watch Ohio State, the number two ranked team in the nation, play the mighty Eastern Michigan University Eagles who haven’t won a game since 2008.

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