Earlier this week Reggie Bush sent his Heisman Trophy back to the Heisman Trust with a message that you’ve probably already read, but was nonetheless very well crafted by whoever the hell wrote it.  You have to wonder if he wouldn’t cling a little tighter to the bronze if he hadn’t already won a Super Bowl.  Kind of makes it easier to cut ties with your ex-girlfriend once you marry a super-model.  Besides, she has that horrible cat that your allergic to anyway.  UPGRADE.

Anyway, good call here by the PR team IMO.  Feeling the mighty banhammer coming down from the Trust, I know George Costanza would have certainly advocated the preemptive break-up.  Arguments about the legitimacy of the rules aside (it’s not like we’re talking about steroids here), the longer the story were to drag on, the more dirt would be flung on ol’ #5 and we’d be too sick of hearing his name to even care about his pigskinin’ before long.  But Reggie’s got hand now.  And let’s not forget that hand’s got a glorious, icy Super Bowl ring on it.  As hard as it is for some of us (me) to move on, college is over, and lord knows nothing good is going to come by rehashing and scrutinizing everything that we did in college – I’m looking at you, camera-happy Facebookers who’ve posted more incriminating evidence of me on the Internet than OJ left behind!

Here’s a weird question: Now that Reggie is retroactively NOT the father recipient of the 2005 award, does the value of this autographed “Heisman pose” picture go up, down, or stay the same?  Wax appraise-y in the comments, and sound off on the appropriateness of the punishment relative to the crime.