During Sunday night’s Colts-Chargers game on NBC, Cris Collinsworth’s commentary was bothering most of us, as usual. I wish I would’ve kept track of all of the asinine things he said during the game, but that would’ve been a full three hours of typing for me.

However, I do know that he said this:

“Football players are not the smartest people in the world.”

And I do know that his comment pissed NFL players off, as you’d expect. The New York Jets’ Nick Mangold and the Houston Texans’ Duane Brown tweeted their feelings about Collinsworth’s comment:

@NickMangold: I’m pretty sure I heard Cris Collinsworth call all football players dumb. That seems a titch harsh.”

@DuaneBrown76: Chris Collinsworth just made the comment ‘Football players aren’t the smartest people in the world’ what type of shit is that????”

Keep in mind that Collinsworth was an NFL player himself, so he’s basically calling himself a dumbass. If only NBC would feel the same way about him.