I wasn’t intending to write two posts on Dave Niehaus, but, after my blog-obit, I was reminded of the famous Mike Blowers prediction by Dave Brown at Big League Stew.

Blowers, the color man aside Niehaus, used his awesome pre-game foresight to tell the Mariner fanbase that one Matt Tuiasosopo would hit his first big league home run in that night’s game… in his second at bat, on a 3-1 fastball, to the second deck.

When it happened, elation ensued, natch:

Without even thinking of Niehaus’ call of Blowers’ prediction blossoming into fruition, I wrote the following in the last post:

[Niehaus would] call every home run and Mariners win with the same 1995 ALDS clinching tone, even if it was a meaningless solo job in a mid-September game when the Mariners were 15 back.

Now, I know the accurate prediction was worth every bit of the uproar, but I should note that Tuiasosopo’s homer was during a meaningless game in (late) September when the Mariners were about 15 games back.  I’m just saying — Niehaus and co. were still exuding some awesome excitement during an otherwise dwindling and disappointing Mariners season. My, oh, my is right.