The San Antonio Spurs took down the Los Angeles Clippers Monday night in a very unexciting game at Staples Center, 97-88. Hopefully you had better things to do with your night(“better” would include sleeping, counting how many Julio Franco baseball cards you have, watching paint dry, doing algebra, etc.) and didn’t watch a minute of it, unlike myself.

But there was one absolutely awesome moment from this game that you need to see video evidence of. It’s from Clippers guard Eric Gordon, where he throws the ball down with ferocity that would even make Ray Lewis say, “Whoa, that dude’s got HEART!” And not just is the dunk outstanding, but so is the enthusiastic, signature call from Clippers play-by-play man, Ralph Lawler. Check it out:


H/T: Rey Moralde(The No-Look Pass; TheNoLookPass on Twitter) for the tip; Jose3030 on Twitter for uploading on YouTube.

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