Great news basketball fans!

For those of you who just couldn’t get enough of the egotism, arrogance and self-importance that LeBron James’ July 8th, “The Decision” brought, well there’s no need to worry. That’s right, ESPN is taking its talents to South Beach, for full coverage of the Miami Heat’s fall training camp. Who’s ready to hear LeBron refer to himself in the third person!?

According to USA Today’s Michael Hiestand, ESPN will announce Wednesday that it will be sending a litany of reporters to Florida, including Jalen Rose, Rachel Nichols and Jon Barry (too bad they couldn’t talk Bill Walton out of retirement) to take in all things Miami Heat for the next several weeks. Coverage will start with next Monday’s media day, Tuesday’s opening of training camp and Wednesday’s early morning exclusive coverage of Pat Riley gelling his hair.

Ok, maybe the cameras won’t be around for that last one, but either way, according to the press release, ESPN senior coordinating producer Mark Summer promises never before access.

“Obviously, with all the buzz, it’s a bigger deal (than) past NBA training camps,” said Summer. “Fans want to hear about the Heat, so we’ll want to ramp up the coverage.”

Good times. Of course, according to the release, Summer makes no promises of actual practice video, which is fine because, honestly, who would want to see LeBron and his new running mates actually playing basketball when we can catch them in a towel after practice? Who’s with me?!?!

Either way, it should be an entertaining endeavor, as Hiestand puts it, with the coverage “Likely to outdo anything it did on Brett Favre’s annual summer soul-searching.”

Yeah, we’ll believe that, when we see it.

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