roger goodell

The NFL will go to an 18 game season according to Colts President Bill Polian. Polian called an 18 game season a “fait accompli.” I have the googles so I looked this up and it is latin/french for an “irreversible accomplishment.” That’s neat. NFL Presidents are now speaking in latin. Apparently, Max Fischer really did save Latin.

The 18 game season has long been rumored to be a done deal. Now that people are talking in a latin/french hybrid I am more inclined to believe them. This probably means a reduction in preseason games from 4 to 2 to coincide with an 18 game regular season. An expanded regular season is great for football fans and lousy for ACL’s and brains of players.

I said this in the live blog, but if the Lions are the first team to go 0-18, I will start fires.