Here’s the good news first.  The NFL Network is giving fans an early Christmas present by presenting the Jets-Bengals Thanksgiving night game without announcers!  No more Theismann!  No more Millen!  No more inane arguments and one upsmanship of nitwittedness.  

Here’s the bad news.  The Awful Announcing free telecast happens on Saturday night, when NFL network will broadcast the game through the audio of players and coaches only.  It sounds like a great idea, but if you actually want to watch the game live, well, sorry.  This Thursday night, in addition to the tryptophan hangover, you’ll have the Thanksgiving blessing of listening to Matt Millen and Joe Theismann place you into a further hypnotic state.

Who knows America, maybe we’re onto something though.  Perhaps if the announcer free game is a great success then there will come a day when we’re free of the monotone Joe Buck, the incessant ramblings of Dick Stockton, and the insanity of Millen and Theismann.  Of course, AA would probably be closed for business too.  Hmm, on second thought, maybe that isn’t such a great idea… anyways, it looks like the pressure is finally getting to Matt Millen as he crushes Steve Young’s soul in the clip below from last night’s MNF coverage.

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