New Free App Will Rescue You From Buck/McCarver This World Series

Buck y mccarver

The World F’n Series starts tonight! As most everyone predicted, it’s Texas vs. San Francisco playing for the title of World’s greatest baseball team. Another thing to get excited about is Joe Buck and Tim McCarver will be back to sleepwalk you through the action. If you aren’t a fan of Joe Buck’s unique zombie-like PBP style and Tim McCarver’s rants about nothing and are looking for an alternative then you are in luck. Go here to find a way to sync up your radio and TV for free if you want to preemptively avoid that rage induced tumor that will form if you have to listen to that duo again.

My other favorite thing about FOX telecasts is their tried and true formula that they follow in close games. Say it’s a one run game with the away team ahead in the 7th inning or later, keep a look out for this pattern they follow…After a pitch, pan the crowd for old white woman praying, then, find another old white woman and show her praying, and then finally, go with the EXTREME close up of the reliever. The more goggles and beard hair the better. Follow this formula for every time the home team is up after every single pitch.