Journalistic integrity? I don’t have any, so why should I expect the Philadelphia Daily News to have any either? Hey, we’re all fighting for our 15 minutes of fame, and tasteless puns are just one of the tools in our utility belts.  It’s a dog eat dog world out there.

Anyway, I’m sure Kevin Kolb finds this decision about as comforting as dog’s breath, but I’m pretty happy that Vick is getting the chance to shine in this spot.  The fact of the matter is that parting ways with Donovan left some fans feeling like this team had gone to the dogs.  But after Kolb’s concussion left him sick as a dog, Vick came in and impressed the hell out of everyone with his 275 yard dog and pony show. We’ve been sold the idea that 2 years in the dog house would render him unable to play at the starter-level again.  But every dog has his day, and Mike Vick is getting the chance to reinvent himself this season.

So can the media ever truly let sleeping dogs lie? I’d say there’s about a dog’s chance.