Ask any college football aficionado about Lou Holtz and his work at ESPN and for better or for worse, you’re going to get a mouthful. Paired with a rather cold Mark May and prodded by Reece Davis it almost seems like the brass at ESPN have created segments specifically to bring out the senile out of the revered former football coach.

The biggest offender is Dr. Lou, in which Holtz plays the role of an outsourced motivator, consultant, coach, friend, or in many cases babbling old man. As you can see the clips of Dr. Lou are popular on youtube and elicit a lot of interesting comments as well.

Below Dr. Lou gives a rallying pep talk to Boise State as they prepared for Oregon State (do 18 point favorites need pep talks?)

What’s funny is that not only ESPN adores this segment but it actually has a corporate sponsor in Dr. Pepper. What a marketing department they must have there with Garth Brooks and Lou Holtz as some of their marguee names.

But Dr. Pepper is not alone as Discover Card, has rolled out their own advertisements starring Holtz in which he channels his inner Dr. Lou to solve a customer service issue. Overall even though Holtz can be entertaining one minute and painful the next on ESPN, the commercial is pretty sound, poking fun of his work as awkward motivator. Any guesses as to how his card got lost in the first place?  

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