Last night at the College Football Awards show, Lee Corso was presented an award for his contributions to college football. Sure, that’s a pretty vague award, nonetheless it is well deserved in my opinion. It’s rare for me to not grow tired of someone who has been on ESPN for so long and, so far, that’s not the case with Corso. This is even more remarkable because much of my life has been spent with Lee repeating his few catch phrases ad nauseum in the NCAA Football series on video games.  Lee’s enthusiasm for college football seems genuine and he is a pivotal part of one of the best shows ESPN runs these days.

Corso had a stroke a couple years ago and is 75 years old. So, his time on College Gameday might soon be coming towards an end. That’s probably why many in the audience had, um, dust in their in eyes as Lee was giving his speech last night. For you Awful Announcing readers who pretend they have things to do and can’t sit through 13 minutes, here’s a shorter version with just his speech from last night.