We received a tip into the AA inbox from Robert of the DC area about an insane piece of sports talk radio from former Redskins LB LaVar Arrington commenting on the Andre Johnson vs Cortland Finnegan fight from Sunday.  You may or may not remember Arrington from his playing career for the Redskins and Giants, his time at Penn State, or his appearances on ESPN’s Dream Job.  He’s now a sports talk show host on 106.7 The Fan in DC.  

During Hour 3 of the LaVar Arrington Show on Monday, he somehow thought it made sense to make an analogy between Andre Johnson and Rae Carruth.  One is an All Pro receiver that got a couple punches in at an annoying cornerback who jammed him in the face… the other is serving a long prison sentence for being involved in the murder of the pregnant woman carrying his child.

Evidently this isn’t the first time LaVar has brought up Rae Carruth in a bizarre, horrifying way either.  Here’s an audio clip from June 30th of this year when Arrington invokes Carruth when talking about Tiger Woods’ divorce of all things.  Go to the 7:15 mark if interested in more crazy thoughts from LaVar Arrington.  

What’s most maddening about this clip from Monday is that Arrington defends himself after coming back from a break and continues the analogy between Carruth and Johnson.  Sports talk radio is known for its exaggerations and ridiculous statements, but this one may be the worst ever.  Listen and soak in this madness for yourself.  

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