If you’re one of the millions of people watching the MLB World Series on Fox, you may have wondered, “why doesn’t Ken Rosenthal stand while giving his post-game interviews?” If you’re on Twitter, some might even gather the courage to poke fun directly to Rosenthal about his height or lack thereof by mentioning his username, knowing that he’ll read it, but probably won’t respond because he’s somewhat of a pseudo-celeb and they don’t have feelings. Surely not enough to feed the internet trolls at least, right? (Heh, trolls).

Welp, the Twitter jabs struck a chord with Mr. Rosenthal because he felt it was necessary after Game 4 to send a little reminder to people that he’s well aware he’s vertically challenged:

ken rosenthal

And we may have found the guy that took Rosenthal’s self-consciousness to its boiling point:

ken rosenthal2


ken rosenthal3

After what has to be a sarcastic tweet (right?) comes the microphone strangling, I believe.