Earlier this month, news broke that the ESPN Sunday Night team of Jon Miller and Joe Morgan were relieved of their duties in the TV booth.  While Joe Morgan was let go from the “family of networks,” it was thought that ESPN might want Miller to hang around for broadcasting games on ESPN Radio.  Miller, the Hall of Famer, will reportedly leave the ESPN Radio offer on the table and predominantly broadcast San Francisco Giants games.

The Times suggests Fox or MLB Network might be a home for Miller to do some national games while working with the Giants.  It would be nice to see Miller find a home at Fox, especially when the stable of play by play baseball announcers behind Joe Buck is as uninspiring as Buck himself.  (I should probably ramble on incessantly in these parentheses like Dick Stockton, but then I would probably forget what I was talking about… wait, what?)  

It’s the official end of an era at ESPN with Dan Shulman, Orel Hershiser, and Bobby Valentine likely filling the Sunday night TV booth and Miller now all the way gone.  While the Miller and Morgan team was always ripe for criticism and mockery, there’s no denying Jon Miller’s credibility as a Hall of Fame broadcaster.  In fact, I always saw him as underrated, especially with his work on ESPN Radio during the postseason.

If there’s one thing that needs to happen out of this story… the Giants have to re-sign Ruben Rivera.

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