With all of the excitement over the Fire Joe Morgan crew taking over Deadspin yesterday, I can’t think of a better time to ruin everyone’s good mood and take another untouchable sports writer down a notch.

Joe Posnanski, a columnist for Sports Illustrated and The Kansas City Star, is almost as universally praised as FMJ.  We live in an era where the Mitch Alboms and Mike Lupicas of the world can be slap chopped to death without even getting to love any nuts, while Posnanski somehow finds a way to stay above the fray.  To be fair, his columns are legitimately great, but his fans’ “we’re not worthy” routine is a bit much for my taste.

Well, for those of you still doubting the new-but-really-the-same Awful Announcing, I’ll have you know that, albeit unbeknownst to us, THE Joe Posnanski tried out for the blog during this week’s Monday Night Football game.  Don’t believe me?  See for yourself as Posnanski calls out every “that guy” or “this guy” reference in the broadcast:













Joey, Joey, Joey… First, there are better ways to try to become part of our crew than launching an unannounced tirade about Monday Night Football announcing without even mentioning us.  Second, I’d give your little foray into our world a C+, and that’s only because I like your style and I play favorites in my classroom.  Where’s the beef?  It’s easy to make observations like you do in your tweets; the analysis part is what is difficult.  Sure, you only gets 160 characters, but a simple “I don’t like that Gruden says ‘this guy’ a lot” would have done the trick, and that would have left you with a WHOLE 114 characters for your hashtags, retweets, or whatever else you want to put there.

But I’m willing to give you another shot.  As your formal tryout to join Awful Announcing, go ahead and write up a no-fewer-than 1,000 word essay on why I am your favorite writer in the world and send it to AAtips@gmail.com.  I can’t make any promises, but if I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful enough after reading it, then I think we might have some space for you.  Baby steps, Joe.  Baby steps.  We’ll be in touch.