Or jail. Whatever. Jay sort of won a minor victory; he avoided felony beat down charges, but he was still tagged with 7 misdemeanors that could send him to the clink for up to 7 years (49 dog years). Since the world ends in 2012; the possibility is real that he might spend the rest of his days not with Stat boy, but Assplay boy instead. Mariotti’s attorney is “confident that the facts will show the complainant was extremely intoxicated that night and abusive toward Mr. Mariotti.” So, they seem to be going for the whole “bitch had it comin'” defense. Bold Strategy, let’s see it if pays off for ’em. In the article, the Worldwide Leader says Mariotti’s return is not expected soon.

So, that seems one regular is down from Around the Horn. Let’s see what those dinguses at ESPN come up with next.

lil wayne around the horn