So far, we’ve had Joe Posnanski and Terrell Owens send in their applications for a position on Awful Announcing’s staff (see here and here).  Today, we received another application courtesy of Jason Whitlock.  Don’t believe me?  See for yourself as Whitlock calls out Cris Collinsworth for failing to criticize Brett Favre in last night’s Sunday Night Football broadcast:

4. Generally speaking, I’m a fan of Cris Collinsworth’s commentary, but he turned in a stinker of a performance Sunday night.

Collinsworth was unwilling to criticize Favre. On Brett’s pick-6 interception, Collinsworth blamed Randy Moss, who ran a terrible route but was in no way responsible for Favre’s horse-crap decision/throw.

My theory is that things are going horrendously for Favre on the home front, broadcasters know it and they don’t want to pile on. Again, football is a sexist business controlled and analyzed by men and we’re rallying around Favre, who apparently made a mistake (lust) we’re all capable of making.

Whereas most media personalities continue to protect Favre at all costs, Whitlock is one of a growing number who are breaking that unspoken rule and finally offering some objective analysis about his play.  Whitlock isn’t exactly going out on a limb here by offering his criticism as Favre’s actions throughout the last few years have made it easier to break up the media’s Favre love fest, but I still applaud his efforts because too many media members remain blind Favre apologists.

What’s more is that Whitlock is 100% right: Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth were too busy gushing over Favre continuing to play after reinjuring his surgically repaired ankle to even mention that Favre was hurting his team by throwing ridiculous interception after ridiculous interception. At one point, the Sunday Night Football crew showed two replays of Favre limping around in celebration after Percy Harvin’s late overturned touchdown, desperately clinging to Favre’s old warrior image that has been forever ruined by his post-Packer antics.  Hopefully, with Whitlock and others finally coming around on Favre, everyone can see him for who he really is now: an old, drama queen, interception throwing quarterback with a penchant for voicemails and dong shots.  For that, I give Whitlock’s Awful Announcing application efforts an A.

So, Jason, we are definitely impressed with your work, and we’re willing to offer you a second interview.  As your formal tryout to join Awful Announcing, go ahead and write up a no-fewer-than 1,000 word essay on why you want to join Awful Announcing and send it to  I can’t make any promises, but I think we might have some space for you. We’ll be in touch.