The New York Islanders are off to a 4-12-4 start in the NHL season, tied for the least amount of points in the league.  Imagine the pain of the 34 hardcore Islanders fans that sit through every game.  At least the broadcasters get paid to watch the team lose repeatedly.  Unfortunately for Isles play by play man Howie Rose, he got caught with a hot mic going to break during Sunday’s game in Atlanta.  The result is a hilarious epic fail of homerism as Rose is heard saying, “hey let me know how this game turns out… not that I particularly care…”  Whoops.

Then, Rose came back during an intermission and offered one of the weakest on-air apologies of all the times, pulling the oldest announcing trick in the book of blaming “technical difficulties” and saying “we’ve all been in a frustrated mood.”  Riiiiight.

“By the way I want to apologize” = I’m being forced into this stupid apology
“Technical difficulties” = The Islanders 13 game losing streak
“I said some unfortunate things… with some confusion that we were experiencing here” = Why the #$*% am I still working Islanders games?
“We’ve all been in a rather frustrated mood” = You know the Islanders are terrible, get over it.
“Hopefully now we’ll just move on.” = Did you hear the Mets hired a new manager?

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