Every once in a while, the Worldwide Leader unveils an idea so odd that it teeters on that delicate line of being so bad that it is fantastic. Well, “The Herminator” segment is certainly one of those. For 173 seconds we are treated to Trey Wingo and Herman Edwards doing…something. During first viewing, my reaction was very similar to that of Kyle Brozlofski’s mom, but rewinds on the DVR have raised my opinion of it exponentially. The mental picture I have of ESPN producers/writers brainstorming this idea, and implementing those fancyschmancy “Herminated” graphics is just hilarious. At one point, they probably asked Herm to do his best Terminator impression. Well, it seems Herm has never seen the Terminator but they decided to roll with it anyways.

Even though my Lions were “Herminated,” I look forward to the second installment. The third not so much. If they salvage the “Herminator” for a 4th time, it might just be time to hang it up.