In a moment of amazing luck/remote control failure, I ended up on ESPN 2 for the pre race festivities of the Nationwide Series 300 at Auto Club Speedway (so long I just copied and pasted it). As I looked to guide myself back to some college football, the off-key musical stylings of The Hof caught my ear.

Already known for uniting countrymen in zealous patriotism via pipes that would make John Tesh or Michael Bolton jealous, The Hof decided to bless the Nascar faithful with a grandiose rendition of our National Anthem. As you can see/hear if you don’t cover your ears, he certainly made it his own.

In a week where Nascar found itself spoofed on South Park, Hasselhoff gives Nascar detractors another reason to poke fun of the sport although it could also be considered an effort to gain more traction with Germans.

Hasslehoff and the national anthem, coming to a UFL or MLS game near you?

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