Gus johnson rise and fire

Pretty much the only worthwhile reason to watch/listen to a Knicks game recently was that you were guaranteed to have Gus Johnson do the call. Well, not anymore as MSG has let Gus go. Don’t feel too bad for Gus, he still has CBS, Big Ten Network, Madden, MMA, a clothing line, Iphone App, and a full-time gig narrating my inner thoughts to fall back on.

I’m a huge college basketball fan and Selection Sunday is one of my most anticipated days of the year. Only slightly below Selection Sunday is when CBS puts out the announcing schedules out to see who you’re stuck with listening to for the weekend.  Seriously, it’s a big deal. When Gus Johnson was in your pod, you knew you were in for a special run. For college basketball fans everywhere, let us hope this means more Gus Johnson calling more college basketball action this year.