Well this is is a first. FSN Pittsburgh is in some hot water with the NHL for its actions during a Flyers-Pens game last week, and it’s all because they didn’t provide officials with every replay angle during a shorthanded attempt by Simon Gagne. Via Philly.com….

The NHL yesterday said it was investigating why the Pittsburgh Penguins’ TV-rights holder withheld from replay officials a videotape that showed the Flyers’ Simon Gagne scoring a shorthanded goal against the host Penguins last Thursday.

“At the heart of the matter is the integrity of the system,” said Gary Meagher, the NHL’s senior vice president of public relations.

Gagne appeared to score on a second-period shot that goalie Brent Johnson smothered and carried into the net. It would have given the Flyers a 6-3 lead with 2 minutes, 53 seconds left in the second period.

The play was reviewed, and officials in Toronto said replays were inconclusive and did not count the goal.

A few minutes later, FSN in Pittsburgh gave its viewers a replay that showed the puck across the goal line. The NHL said that replay was not sent to its review team in Toronto until after the puck was dropped following the review. Once the puck is dropped, the ruling cannot be reversed, the NHL said.

“The league is investigating why we didn’t get all angles of the replay,” Meagher said.

For some reason, I didn’t even know that the network provided the tape to the replay official during the game. I’m surprised that people haven’t tried this before. I mean the goal didn’t matter in the end because the Flyers won, but it certainly could have worked.

NHL investigating withholding of tape of Flyer’s goal (Philly.com)